Vision & Mission


The Crocodile Prize is Papua New Guinea’s national writing competition  was established in 2010 to encourage creative and critical writing in Papua New Guinean (PNG) and to provide Papua New Guineans with access to home-grown literature. A writing competition and a publishing program were initiated in 2010 with the first awards made in 2011. The program is managed by the Crocodile Prize Inc.


The Crocodile Prize has tried to carry out four main responsibilities in contributing to Papua New Guinean Literature:

  • Organising the annual Crocodile Prize Awards;
  • Publishing an annual Crocodile Prize Anthology;
  • Advocating for creative and critical writing by and for Papua New Guineans
  • Promote literacy Activities in all literary spaces.


Crocodile Prize PNG envisages Papua New Guinea with an active reading and writing culture that promotes its history, experiences and aspirations.


The Crocodile Prize Inc. mission is to encourage creative and critical writing in Papua New Guinea through the organisation of the Crocodile Prize National Literary Competition and the publication of these literary materials to promote and provide access to home-grown literature for all Papua New Guineans. Crocodile Prize.