Short list of the 2017 Crocodile Prize Competition, Minerals Resources Development Corporation, Women in Writing Category

Five Women in Writing shortlisted for the 2017 Minerals Resources Development Corperations Women in Writing Award

The 2017 Crocodile Prize Competition experienced a stronger women movement in Writing. There were more women than men (55 % of total entries) submitting literary entry. Women had better quality writing and were superior in their choice of topics and ideas. A proper assessment on the entries could possibly illustrate more about the contribution in literature from the entirs.

This category is obviously meant to promote equity. Its an opportunity for women to have a larger space to showcase their talents gifts and abilities. The trend has been nothing but positive. The wave of talents have been strong. The following names of women listed below is the short list winners for this category.

 Kepan Kepas Winuan
 Evah Kuamin Banige
 Leila Parina
 Carol Kouron
 Kirsten Aria

The shortlisted literary entries above have been sent to the sponsors who have picked the overall winner. The overall winner will be announced at the Awards Reception event on the 22nd February 2018, here in Port Moresby. The brief biographies below illustrate a little bit more about the shortlisted authors.

Kepan Kepas Winuan

Kepan Kepas Winuan is a Teacher at the Kudjip Nazarene High School, Kudjip Nazarene Station, Jiwaka Province.

Kepan is currently working on publishing two books and a school magazine. These literary materials are; Book of Synonyms, Developing Writing Skills and School Journal.

Her first book (Book of Homonyms) has been completed. She is now negotiating with Notion Press Publishing Company of India to have it published.

Evah Kuamin Banige

Evah Kuamin Banige is an Administration Officer in Lae, Morobe Province.
She is passionate about writing, helping children and advocating for change and development in her community. She wrote: ‘Victims of violence have to rise up and speak out for their own good. I believe I have taken the biggest step to write about my experiences as a woman facing violence through this competition’

She has been writing since her primary school days. She won a prize for the story of her experience of the 1994 Twin Volcanic Eruptions which was published in book of collection of short stories. Part of 4th Year Journalism Thesis was published in the South Pacific Islands Journalism Communication. One of her entry won the 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) Best Award in the Print Category of the PNG Media Awards.

Kirsten Aria

Kirsten is from Ihu in the Gulf Province. She enjoys literature. Kirsten entered an entry in 2012 under the Heritage category. The Heritage category entry in that year was aired by EmTV as content in a program focussed on Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea.

Leila Parina

Leila wrote a candid and beautifully stringed words into a poetry about violence. Leila has been writing since at the age of 9. She mostly wrote in her private journals. Her first published work was out in 2017. It is called “A paradigm shift” which was featured in the PNG Anthology “My walk to Equality”.

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